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The Kid Magicians Addie and Chase are rising star in the magic industry. Addie is the youngest professional magician and mentalist at 10 years old. Addie has been performing magic since she was six years old. She has performed magic tricks every week for her class, starting in first grade. Addie specializes in close-up magic, mentalism, stage magic , escape artist, and pick-pocketing (we promise to give everything back!) She is crowd pleasing for both adults and children. Addie and Chase have performed for corporate events, she was the youngest performer at Magic Fest. Addie and Chase have performed for Great Wolf Lodge New Year’s Eve celebration the last two years.


Chase is youngest professional mentalist at 11 years old. Chase can predict anyone’s birthday. He can predict what people are thinking. Chase can perform close up or stage mentalism. Chase adds comedy timing and he’s the ultimate assistant with the hint of annoyance working with his sister. Chase loves performing Magic with Addie. Chase loves basketball, school and also playing the cello.

Addie-Kid-MagicianAddie loves Magic, school, and playing on her basketball team where she's the point guard. She's just a great kid with special kinds of skills and a great heart. Our family loves living in Colorado Springs - we're not ready to move to Las Vegas yet. ;) Performing magic is just something she's done since she was a little kid. She went to her first magic convention she when she was six years old. Professional magicians have always been super supportive of Addie. Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a great day!