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About Us

“It’s more than just music,” says the affable co-owner of Springs Sounds , Jeff Zaiger.


Springs Sounds has been in business in Colorado Springs, CO since 1997 and they use their experience to make each party the right party.   They know the business of events and even offer videographer services through their sister company, On Location Video!


Springs Sounds is a family business, owned by Jeff and Jessica Zaiger, and they do far more than play music at events.  Are they a DJ company?  You’ll find them listed that way, but a DJ is a person who only plays music and makes announcements.  Springs Sounds does all that, they even have the best equipment and know the latest song and dance trends, but it’s just a small part of what they do.


Jeff, who has worked as a DJ, entertainer and facilitator of party fun for his entire adult life, pioneered the concept of Interactive Entertainment and Springs Sounds is the only company to offer it!


What is Interactive Entertainment?


  • Springs Sounds hosts your party, making sure everyone is comfortable and having fun, so you can simply enjoy yourself without worrying about the details.

  • They will teach you and your guests to dance.

  • They will entertain your guests with dance and aerial performances.

  • They emcee the party, making sure everything goes smoothly.

  • They DJ your party, playing the songs you want, even downloading them upon request at the event.


“I was at an event with Ryan and Sam where they put on a spectacular showcase with flips, dancing, and charisma that filled up the whole room!”

- Dylan


Why does Springs Sounds do so much more than the typical DJ?

They know the you don’t want to leave your guests’ enjoyment to chance.  Every event, from weddings to corporate parties, means a lot to you and your guests.    It’s a chance to bring important people together, build relationships and celebrate.  

“Every single guest, from two year olds to our 96 year old grandfather were side by side on the floor celebrating with us. He really changed our day from just another wedding to an extreme celebration. ... From our first dance, to the very last song that was well into the night,and every single note in between, Springs Sounds never missed a beat.”

- Courtney


Call Springs Sounds at 719-232-6038 for an event to remember!