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Beth and Jon Brickey - Married May 2011

Nathan did an OUTSTANDING job, and he is now known as "Matt Damon-the DJ, who can dance!" among our family and friends!  Everyone loved him and thought he was awesome (and of course good looking!).  Loved the dancing and interaction he had with the guests!   There were a few times I had to put him on the spot last minute (my father/daughter dance that I thought wouldn't happen because of my dad's Parkinsons, but he's always loved to dance, and it showed on my wedding day....Parkinsons didn't stop him!....).  Nathan knew right away when I came to him and said there had been a change in that plan........he played the perfect song............the dance between my daughter and her (now) step-dad.........  Nathan was on it!  Thank You Thank You!

He stayed over the original time we had asked, and we really appreciated that!  The music was perfect, and he changed or added anywhere we needed him to.  He even allowed some karaoke for the little girls who wanted to get their voices out on that microphone! :)  It will always be cherished and we have wonderful pictures and video of all the fun!   Very Good Times!!!

Thanks again--Springs Sounds Rocks!!"